Commissioners Column: Andrew Flynn

Andrew Flynn, Ward 5 Commissioner

Mt. Lebanon’s vibrant business community has defied the odds, emerging strong and resilient through the challenges posed by both the pandemic and streetscape construction. Despite these obstacles, the town has experienced minimal business losses and witnessed notable openings such as the East End Brewery, golden beetle, Mediterra, Dot and Line Studio, and the upcoming Needle and Bean. With a thriving business environment, Beverly Road boasting full occupancy and Uptown seeing a resurgence in office space leasing, Mt. Lebanon is poised for a prosperous future.

Beverly Road stands as a testament to the resilience of Mt. Lebanon’s business community, with 100 percent occupancy reflecting the town’s commitment to supporting local businesses. The area has proven its ability to weather the storm, showcasing the tenacity and adaptability of entrepreneurs who have successfully navigated the challenges brought about by the pandemic and construction disruptions.

Uptown, with its manageable vacancy rate of approximately 8 percent on the first floor, is also experiencing a renewed interest in leasing office space. The upcoming public opening of a co-working space further highlights the town’s dedication to providing diverse and flexible work environments to meet the needs of modern professionals. These developments signal the positive trajectory and continued growth of Uptown as a thriving business district.

Mt. Lebanon’s Uptown district is poised to complete a significant investment, with the Vibrant Uptown project acting as a transformational revitalization effort. With an investment of approximately $4 million, the project aims to create new gathering spaces, enhance lighting, introduce irrigated planters, and refresh the district’s overall appearance. Planned improvements extend beyond Uptown’s core, with areas adjoining Washington Road, including Clearview Common, Parse Way, and potential gateway areas, set to undergo subsequent phases of enhancement. The planning process for these improvements is slated to begin in the fourth quarter of 2023, promising an exciting future for the district.

To further support property and business owners, Mt. Lebanon intends to introduce a refreshed set of design guidelines, allowing businesses to apply for façade grants to enhance their exteriors, contributing to the overall attractiveness and appeal of the town’s commercial areas.

As the community reopens and returns to normalcy, Mt. Lebanon is gearing up for a robust calendar of events in the Uptown district, aiming to reinvigorate the district, drawing crowds that were temporarily lost due to the pandemic. The vibrant atmosphere created by these events will not only drive foot traffic but also create opportunities for local businesses to showcase their offerings and engage with the community.

A highlight on the town’s calendar is the Uptown Unveiled celebration scheduled for Saturday, August 5. This event serves as a symbolic gesture, marking the return of the street to the community. It will be a joyous occasion to celebrate the resilience and strength of the local businesses, and to rally the community together in support of their continued success.

Overall, Mt. Lebanon’s business community has demonstrated exceptional resilience and adaptability, with the unwavering support of its residents playing a crucial role in weathering the storms of the pandemic and streetscape construction. The town’s steadfast commitment to its entrepreneurs, coupled with ongoing investments and improvements, sets the stage for a bright future. As Mt. Lebanon looks ahead, its best days are undoubtedly yet to come, reaffirming the town’s status as a thriving community.