commissioner’s column: Matt Kluck

I have had many positive experiences as a commissioner, none more so than interacting with the volunteers who serve Mt. Lebanon on a board, project, fundraiser, ad hoc committee, environmental or historical issues. These residents give their time to make a positive impact on Mt. Lebanon, which is why it is such a unique community that remains a desirable destination for people and businesses to call home. The residents who serve on these boards and committees are a diverse lot who are pursuing something that interests them, then lend their expertise and time to ensure Mt. Lebanon remains a special place.

I am currently the commission liaison to the Mt. Lebanon Planning and Historic Preservation boards, two of the 17 advisory boards that serve the municipality. I also am liaison to Mt. Lebanon Village, Outreach and the Historical Society of Mount Lebanon, all important nonprofit organizations. Each of these groups plays a specific role in how and what Mt. Lebanon is and will become.

The planning board works with land use projects as they move through the approval process, considering the potential impact on our neighborhoods and businesses and ensuring developers meet the rigorous established by ordinance. In many instances, the board makes recommendations that result in better projects. In the past few years, based on the board’s recommendations, the commission has approved projects ranging from the high school renovation, Fresh Market, Springhill Suites Hotel and the Salvation Army Temple to storm sewers and easements.

The Historic Preservation Board is in the process of attaining National Historic Districting for areas of Mt. Lebanon built prior to World War II. This is important to Mt. Lebanon because it will help to preserve the features that make it unique.

Mt. Lebanon Village was created to help Mt. Lebanon’s older population stay in their homes by offering social programs and transportation. This dedicated board aspires to be the leader in this program as it is a pilot to the Pittsburgh area. It has offices in the bottom floor of the municipal building.

Outreach Teen and Family Services, located on Washington Road, is a tremendous resource for young people who are experience family or personal issues. They have certified counselors who are trained to help teens (and their families, if appropriate) deal with whatever is troubling them. Everything from bullying issues to drug and alcohol counseling. You name it and Outreach can help.

The Historical Society collects and preserves documents and information and presents exhibitions. Their purpose is to preserve and interpret the history of Mt. Lebanon. It currently leases space at the corner of Washington Road and Lebanon Avenue.

Ad hoc committees have played important roles in projects that include the Veterans’ Memorial and the consolidation of the parking authority. If you get the chance to participate in a committee that is trying to make Mt. Lebanon better please consider serving. Your time will be rewarded. Every time I drive past the Veterans’ Memorial at night it reminds me of the effort of every volunteer who made the memorial so beautiful to honor those who served our country.

The commission and staff are always looking for volunteers for boards. For a complete list of boards, visit, click on government, then boards and authorities. You can download an application there. If you do not get assigned to the board of your choice, please consider applying for another board that could benefit from your experience and interest. If you have questions, email assistant manager Marcia Taylor,

I hope to see more participation from a wider segment of our community. Have a great spring!