commissioner’s report: Steve McLean

Commissioner Steve McLean, Ward 3

During my first year on Mt. Lebanon Commission, I have learned much about how our municipal government functions. The work of the municipality gets done by many dedicated employees. These employees are organized into a variety of departments and staff offices led by highly qualified directors and staff office chiefs as highlighted below.  More detailed information is available at

Administration | Keith McGill, municipal manager, and Ian McMeans, assistant municipal manager, oversee all governmental functions.  Mr. McGill directs the functional service areas of information, insurances, office, legal, financial, public information and tax collections. Both Mr. McGill and Mr. McMeans work closely with and at the direction of the commission.

Finance | Andrew McCreery, director, and his staff ensure resources are used properly and efficiently. McCreery is responsible for accurately, timely reporting of the financial condition of the municipality. The finance department annually receives the Government Finance Officers Association Award for its comprehensive (CAFR)and popular (PAFR) financial reports.

Police and Fire | Aaron Lauth, police chief, and Nick Sohyda, fire chief.  What more can be said about these two fine gentlemen and the world-class departments they lead? Public safety is crucial in our community, and we are very fortunate that we have high quality, effective and efficiently delivered services.

Public Works | Rudy Sukal, director. This, being one of the largest departments, has a broad reach across all aspects of the municipality.  It is Mr. Sukal’s job to keep this group functioning at a high level.  The department’s mission statement sums it up: The Mt. Lebanon Department of Public Works will maintain and enhance the quality of life for residents through responsive, efficient and effective delivery of services to every neighborhood and by reflecting a can-do attitude with our customers and stakeholders.

Recreation | David Donnellan, director, oversees programs and facilities that enhance residents’ quality of life. He is responsible for the recreation center, including two ice rinks and the swim center, as well as the tennis center, the golf course and many fine programs, ranging from youth basketball to senior luncheons. In addition, Donnellan and his staff plan special events such as the July 4 Community Day and fireworks and the Halloween Parade.

Economic Development/Commercial Districts | Eric Milliron heads this office, which promotes commercial, residential and mixed use development consistent with the municipality’s strategic and comprehensive land use plans. This office also focuses on maintaining vital business districts through cooperative events, cooperation with the Mt. Lebanon Partnership such as First Fridays, the Saturday Farmers Market and the Uptown Block Party.

Human Resources | Bonnie Cross handles hiring, insurance issues and compliance with federal and state employment laws. She plans programs to encourage good health and workplace safety.

Inspection | Joe Berkley, chief inspector, oversees all residential and commercial construction as well as building and zoning code compliance. His staff issues required permits, responds to complaints, conducts routine inspections and cites code violations as necessary.

Planning | Asst. Manager Ian McMeans also functions as planning officer. He sees that the comprehensive plan and official policies are followed and recommends strategies to meet the current and future community needs. He assists developers and property owners with land development and zoning matters.

Public Information | Susan Morgans, officer, is responsible for communications between government and the public through print and online publications, websites and the cable channel. Morgans’ office also handles media relations and provides design and editorial services to other municipal offices and departments. A goal of this office is to promote Mt. Lebanon as a welcoming community for all.

Information Technology | Nick Schalles, manager. This office is responsible for managing the technology systems, including the website, and keeping the network updated in terms of both hardware and software.  Also the network and technology security is managed by Mr. Schalles and his team.

Tax Office | Joseph Senko, Treasurer and Tax Collector. The tax office collects real estate tax for both the Municipality of Mt. Lebanon and Mt. Lebanon School District. The tax office is also responsible for cash collection oversight for all municipal funds.