commissioner’s report: Steve McLean

Commissioner Steve McLean

I am just coming to the close of my third year as a commissioner. Of the many responsibilities that comes with being a commissioner, one is serving as commission liaison to some of the municipality’s boards and authorities, and as the commission representative to other community organizations. Over the past three years, I have served or now serve the following boards: Traffic, Environmental Sustainability, Pension Investment Advisory, Outreach Teen & Family Services and South Hills Area Council of Governments (SHACOG). My own service reminds me of the opportunity our residents have to volunteer to serve on one of the many boards or authorities in Mt. Lebanon. Below is a brief description of each board that I have been involved with.

Outreach Teen & Family Services About 40 years ago, by suggestion from Mt. Lebanon’s Community Relations Board and the Mt. Lebanon Police Department, this organization was formed to address issues stemming from teens engaged in unhealthy activities. Today the nonprofit agency provides professional counseling to clients ages 5-21, parents and families. Programs focus on empowerment, prevention, education and early intervention.

Traffic Board makes recommendations to the Commission to improve traffic conditions. The board hears residents’ concerns about parking, street and traffic conditions in their neighborhoods. From this interaction, the board develops policies and recommendations to the Commission for action. The board also reviews traffic regulations and controls and works with Mt. Lebanon Police and our municipal traffic consultant.

Environmental Sustainability Board advises the Commission on matters relating to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, including promoting programs, goods and services that are environmentally proactive. This board encourages the commission and community to seriously consider environmental solutions, principles and practices that conserve resources and reduce pollution. The board recommends implementation strategies for energy efficiency and environmentally improved practices for the community.

Pension Investment Advisory Board makes recommendations to the Commission regarding the investment of funds in the municipality’s three pension plans, which are managed by an independent investment advisor. The board also reviews fund performance and other investment matters.

South Hills Area Council of Governments (SHACOG) was incorporated in 1973 as a voluntary organization of municipalities located primarily in the South Hills corridor of Allegheny County. Members discuss and study community challenges of mutual interest and concern, seeking by agreement solutions to common problems for their collective benefit. SHACOG also coordinates and administers programs of regional interest that benefit member governments.

I have enjoyed my board service. If you might have the time and interest to serve, visit, click on “Boards and Authorities” under the A-Z menu and read about our many boards and authorities. If you find one that interests you, you can download an application from the website, and the commission will consider you when an opening occurs. Applications remain on file for two years.