Editor’s Note

This Must Be The Place

Who among us hasn’t spent a good portion of the last 12 months at home? At first inside, waiting for the spring of the apocalypse to pass, or so we thought. As the frost lifted, the apocalypse remained, so we walked and ran and hiked and walked our dogs until it was time to settle back home again for a quiet holiday season, while the sun hid for what seemed like years.

Home is where I want to be

Pick me up and turn me round

I feel numb, burn with a weak heart

I guess I must be having fun

With so much time at home, some of us realized we didn’t like our kitchens or bathrooms the way they were, we wanted our own pool, or maybe the house was too quiet and it was time for a new family member. The last year was a big one for building permits and puppies.

For those of us who reported to work each day, our offices became as safe and cozy as home, as our employers took steps to keep us safe. Masks, temperature checks, Plexiglas, gloves and hand sanitizer … we learned to speak and hear from six feet away and when we weren’t doing that, we Zoomed.

Now, we are back to spring again and hope is peeking out from the mulch, ready to explode into bright blooms. Shots go into arms like bulbs into soil, and we prepare to leaf out while being grateful our homes took good care of us.

Home, is where I want to be

But I guess I’m already there

So, this issue is dedicated to Home. We feature two stories on amazing Mt. Lebanon homes: A classic one on Roycroft that hit the market after previous owners renovated it with loving attention to its historic details, and a castle-like home that inspires children’s books and inspired an out-of-state model maker to sell its likeness in a kit. You’re going to have to read that story to believe it.

If you’re ready to make changes, our advertising guide is filled with people who can make your home exactly as you want it. It’s up to you to add the love.

Did I find you, or you find me?

There was a time before we were born

If someone asks, this where I’ll be … where I’ll be*

*with gratitude to David Byrne