Editor’s Note

Editor Laura Pace Lilley.Welcome to Mt. Lebanon

And I mean that, even if you were born here.

You see, Mt. Lebanon changes every day. It becomes what you are and what we are, together.

We assembled this guide to serve as a resource for all that your municipal government does for you. I guarantee that we’ve included something in this guide that you didn’t know. I also guarantee that six months from now, you’ll have a question that this guide will answer. If you’re new to Mt. Lebanon, we’re thrilled you’re here; this guide is a perfect place to start getting to know your town.

In the middle of the print magazine, you’ll find the 2020 Popular Annual Financial Report. We don’t say that it’s popular because everybody likes it and wants to take it everywhere with them. I mean, that may be true. But it’s called “popular” because it tells you the story of how your tax dollars are spent in a way that everyone can understand. We know many of you are financial geniuses. But the rest of us aren’t, so put that in your general ledger.

The rest of the magazine includes information on all the services you’re entitled to as taxpayer, property owner or even as a visitor.

Just like last year, we’ve made every attempt to ensure this information is accurate, but as far as events go, we offer no guarantees there, as the pandemic is lingering a bit like the extra bite of onion from a hoagie. We hope that everything going forward will happen as scheduled.

Get a great start by plugging in to everything your municipality has to offer. Please consider signing up for LeboALERTs at mtlebanon.org, LeboEmergency alerts by texting LEBO to 99411 and sign up for the Seven Ten email newsletter at lebomag.com.

If you ever have any question about anything, no matter how big or small, I want you to know you can call or write. The entire public information office staff is here for you.