Editor’s Note

Elaine Kelly

For  the last three years, our May issue has been dedicated to municipal services in the hope that you will keep this issue around to answer your questions. Yes, all of this material is on our website at  (in fact, the site is getting a huge makeover this year), but there’s something about having this magazine at hand with all this information at your fingertips.

I hope you’ll feel the same thing I do when I read this magazine—that your municipality works hard for you. We know your days are hectic and complicated no matter what you do in life, and we hope this magazine provides comfort by showing how thoughtfully your money is being managed, how your community assets like roads and buildings are being carefully tended to and how everything we do is planned with your safety in mind.

And now, I want to direct your attention to Miss Elaine. Elaine Kelly has been crossing kids in Mt. Lebanon for 20 years, with a current post across from Washington Elementary. Sharon Kroner, the crossing guard supervisor, notes that these guards “put their lives on the line on a daily basis when they put their feet onto the roadways. … They spread out their arms, wrap their wings around these children and protect them in all kinds of conditions: snow, heat, wind, rain, darkness and the pandemic, to make sure our children get to and from school safely.”

The love Miss Elaine has for her job—and the love the kids have for her—shines in this photo, courtesy of Washington Elementary School. We are grateful that she chose Mt. Lebanon to work and we are thankful to you for choosing to live here.

Please take some time to read this issue, including the Popular Annual Financial Report. As always, we are eager to hear what you’d like us to write about in the coming year. We are listening.