Editor’s Note

We’ve wanted to update our municipal website since 2019. Really. It was more than two decades old and had a lot of really dated material on it. Residents couldn’t find what they needed, it wasn’t accessible to those with disabilities and as much as we tried to keep it fresh, it really was overdue for a makeover.

But it seems every time we tried to do it, something caused a delay: staff retirements, a comprehensive communications study that took the better part of a year, a pandemic … you get the idea. Finally, in 2022, we started the work and made it our number one priority. And now, it’s ready for your eyes, at mtlebanon.org.

Don’t get us wrong. It’s not done. We are still adding things daily … but it’s miles ahead of where we were. Ultimately, the site will be a tool to deliver you personalized communications based on your preferences. We have a vision and we are getting closer every day.

This website will continue to grow with us as we add more features, more of the things you want. Please contact me with any comments, issues or requests and we will do our best to accommodate them. Check back in our September issue of Mt. Lebanon Magazine for an extensive story of the long road to the new site. We’ll go into detail about what it has to offer.

As critical as our website is, you keep telling us this magazine is your favorite way to get news about Mt. Lebanon. We recently scooped up another armful of plaques at the Golden Quill Awards, sponsored by the Press Club of Western Pennsylvania. Most notably, we took the Ray Sprigle Memorial Best of Show Award, for the best piece in a magazine, for Hive Action, Anne Caffee’s story on bees. Our writers, editors, designers and photographers—whether they’re staff or freelancers—are a great asset to this community, and as the editor in chief, I am grateful every day for their time, talent and dedication to bringing you the Mt. Lebanon news that matters most to you. Thank you for reading and for supporting community journalism.

While you’re here, check out a great story on our police department’s drone program. They may look like toys, but they are keeping us all safer.

And thanks for continuing to read. Whether you digest your news online, in print or both, we’ll continue to aspire to the highest standards. You deserve it.