Editor’s Note

Welcome to the first ever Mt. Lebanon Magazine municipal resource guide. Believe it or not, we brainstormed the idea for this issue last year. The goal was to package our Popular Annual Financial Report in May with all sorts of useful information about the municipal services available to you. Our intent was to produce a colorful, informative issue that you’d keep around all year for reference.

What nobody counted on was a pandemic. In the wake of COVID-19, we shifted our services into emergency mode. To keep our residents safe, we closed parks and buildings, cancelled programs and meetings and did other municipal business on the same video platforms you’re using to chat with your friends and co-workers.

So as of this writing, I can’t foresee what state we’ll be in by the time you receive this guide. The landscape changes daily. Where you see dates, well, we certainly hope those events continue as planned. But I hope you feel confident in the municipal staff—including the administration and the first responders—that we are working every day to make sure you stay as healthy and safe as possible.

In addition to producing this magazine, the public information staff is in charge of getting the word out to you every day. Websites, social media, LeboALERTS, cable TV, The Seven Ten newsletter … we’ve been using it all to get important information to you as quickly as possible. Please take a little time out of each day to read the latest on www.mtlebanon.org/corona.

The municipal staff will get back to the business of making life more fun and enjoyable as soon as we possibly can. In the meantime, #staycalm, #staysafe, #stayhome, and hold your family members tightly, in your heart if not in your arms, until we sound the all clear.

Laura Pace Lilley, Editor in Chief
lpace@mtlebanon.org / 412-343-3552