emergency ready kits

It seems seems way too early to be thinking about snowstorms, but in case of one, or a microburst, or anything that could knock us off the grid for a couple of days, the Mt. Lebanon Fire Department is offering emergency preparedness kits. The kits, which cost $89.99, contain:

•  Basic first aid kit

•       Emergency power station
(flashlight/radio/cell phone charger

•       Glow stick/whistle)

•       7 ready-to-eat meals

•       Duct tape

•       4 protective masks

•       5 pairs latex gloves

•       10 disinfectant wipes

•       Multipurpose tool

•       Heavy duty garbage bags

•       Backpack

You can pick one up at the Mt. Lebanon Fire Station, 555 Washington Road, or by calling 412-531-5366. For more information about emergency preparedness, check out the Emergency Management section of the fire department’s website, www.mtlfd.org.