fairway swingers turn 35

The Fairway Swingers are celebrating 35 years at the Mt. Lebanon Golf Course. The group plays once a week from April through October. From left, Jean Hellman, Debbie Macuga, Wilma McNeese and Debra Zamberry.


Bright and early on Thursday mornings, there is a swinging time at the Mt. Lebanon’s Golf Course. The Fairway Swingers, a women’s golf club that plays from April through October, is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year.

Debra Zamberry, Fruithurst Drive, has been a Fairway Swinger for about four years. She is this year’s club president. Like many of the members, she also belongs to the Women’s Golf Association of Mt. Lebanon, which plays on Tuesdays. While she enjoys playing in both groups, “the Fairway Swingers are less serious and structured. It’s a good time to get out, and we just enjoy ourselves,” she says.

The Fairway Swingers’ season starts April 7. In June the group holds a mixer on the course and a potluck picnic at one of the members’ houses.

“It’s a chance to mix it up and play with some people you might not normally play with,” says Zamberry.

Golfers are grouped into three divisions according to handicap. Play usually starts on the course around 7 a.m. In addition to the regular Thursday play, the Fairway Swingers also enter some Mt. Lebanon Golf Course tournaments, such as the Queen Bee, and the Wally Grant Memorial.

“We just like to get out and play,” says Zamberry. “We’re not all that competitive. We compete against ourselves, not each other.”

Dues for the Fairway Swingers are $20 for the season. If you are interested in joining, contact membership chair Marcia Taylor at marlyntay@gmail.com or Zamberry at 412-561-0698.

Photo by George Mendel