finish lines

Linda Peterson, Pinewood Drive, has been a crossing guard for 32 years. In her first 12 years, she was a substitute, and worked at all 40 of Mt. Lebanon’s crossings. Now, her regular post is at Firwood and Bower Hill.
Mt. Lebanon is always on the lookout for new crossing guards. If you would like to learn more, call Sharon Kroner at 412-343-4540.

A CROSSING GUARD NEEDS A take charge attitude. Common sense. Comfortable shoes.

IT’S EASY WHEN THE WEATHER’S NICE, BUT On miserable days, traffic is heavier and the kids are in a hurry—not a good combination. Having the proper clothing for any weather condition makes it easy, but commitment and self pride, knowing I have a job to do, gets me out the door.

HANG UP AND DRIVE! Standing at my post and observing drivers is quite an eye opener. Drivers talking on cell phones and texting are a real danger. I can’t believe they don’t see themselves so distracted from their driving. As a pedestrian you better be watching them because they do not always see you.

UNEXPECTED PERKS I enjoy chatting with passersby and helping whenever I can. I get asked directions a lot and recently called 911 for an elderly woman who had fallen.

TEACH YOUR CHILDREN We need to teach the kids to listen to us, to stay put when we tell them to “wait” and to move when we say “cross,” and we always need to do this with a smile.
Photo by Martha Rial