Finish Lines: Alexandra Mayr-Gracik

Alexandra Mayr-Gracik, CEO and president of Sabika at their Robinson headquarters.

Alexandra Mayr-Gracik, 37, is the president of Sabika, which was founded by her mother, Karen Mayr, in 2001, and is one of the most successful family-owned jewelry businesses in America. Trained at the Fashion Institute of Vienna, she previously was vice president of design and product development and will remain head designer for the heirloom collections. She and her husband, Jeremy, have lived in Mt. Lebanon for 10 years and have two children, Cosmo, a freshman at Mt. Lebanon High School, and Audrey, in fourth grade at Washington.

What lessons from your mother guide you? My mom started Sabika when she was 50 out of necessity and has inspired thousands of women to reach for personal success. Her sense of humility and compassion for people, and especially for women, inspires me. She learned from her father that every person is valued no matter what their role might be. This is a fundamental value I apply toward our consultants around the country and our home office team in Robinson. I hope to share these lessons with my children, as well. From one generation to the next, my mother has created a legacy.

Sabika says it is not just about beautiful jewelry but about empowering women.  How?  I am motivated by the joy women feel when they wear a piece of Sabika. Even more, being a consultant for Sabika is an opportunity to grow personally and financially. I have witnessed the transformation in individuals this empowerment brings. Sabika is beauty, joy and opportunity.

What informs your design? I absorb everything around me, picking up trends and being acutely aware of what women are looking for. I never impose my taste, and thrive on giving building blocks to help people express their own style and individuality. I love seeing the same design on different women—how their eye color, hair texture or skin tone makes the piece come to life and look completely different. I’m excited about our new “Basics by Sabika” collection. With its youthful feel and versatility in accessorizing, it speaks to all personalities, styles and ages.

Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry? For sentimental reasons, my favorite Sabika piece is from a Winter Collection from many seasons ago called the Perennial Leaf Necklace. It was inspired by a pin I created for my grandmother while I was in high school. It was that design and that moment that solidified my passion for jewelry. My second favorite (and non-Sabika) is the ring stack I never take off. It’s a mix of white and rose gold bands with pink sapphires and diamonds sprinkled in. Each band represents a trip or milestone I have reached with my amazing husband of almost 12 years.

Photography by Martha Rial