finish lines

Mike “Frick” Weber, a commercial and sports television producer/director/editor at Mind Over Media, recently released his first novel, Earthlings, in which he collaborated with 13 well-known illustrators, including Loran Skinkis, a 1989 Mt. Lebanon High School grad. Weber, who coaches at the Mt. Lebanon Recreation Center and hosts “Comic Book Storytellers,” a podcast series on cloud9, lives on Country Club Drive with his wife Emily, son Gavin, 7, and daughter Violet, 8. Earthlings is available at and Barnes & Noble.


Your new novel is…An all-ages adventure in which the Earth is fed up with how we’ve been treating it and the only thing delaying an “extinction event” is the political maneuvering and adventures of three children.  (Earthlings is available at Amazon (print and digital) and Barnes and Noble online.)

Writers/artists who inspired you…George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. My dad took me to see Jaws and Star Wars when I was 3.  I’m still afraid of sharks, even on land.

A book you wish you’d writtenHarry Potter (great book series, and she owns a castle!) or the Bible (wow . . . wow!)

The best thing about being a writer…Having someone smile or laugh at something you wrote (when they are supposed to!)

How you write…The ideas cook in my head like a crockpot while I am sitting in my car, usually during my commute to work. Then, after the laundry is done and my wife and kids are in bed, I’ll sit down with my computer to write.

Your last “splurge” purchase…Video games—Lego Marvel and Halo 4 (I tell my wife they’re for my son.)

A reality TV show you’d love to be on…Pawn Stars.  I love history and junk . . . oops, I mean, valuable collectibles.

M.A. Jackson