Foxglove Interiors: effortlessly cool design

The owner of Foxglove sits on an antique bench and smiles
Carrie Lehman’s new business, Foxglove Interiors, is on Castle Shannon Boulevard. /Photo: John Schisler

Carrie Lehman has always loved making the rounds of estate sales, flea markets and antique shows. Now, the Crescent Drive resident is turning that passion into a livelihood.

Lehman, a former early childhood and special education teacher, works as a CrossFit fitness trainer at Mecka Fitness, and is opening Foxglove Interiors at 440 Castle Shannon Boulevard.

She had been renting space at the Pittsburgh Antique Mall, but began doing so well she needed more space.

“I have been blown away by the success,” Lehman said. “I’ve always wanted to own a shop.”

Shoppers at Foxglove will find a pretty distinct aesthetic. Her taste runs to Victorian, Early American, Audubon prints, “Nothing after 1950. Even when I was in college, my friends said I decorated like an old woman,” she said with a smile.

Lehman’s design style is influenced by the time she and her husband, Scot, spent in Brussels for Scot’s job.

“That helped shape what I thought was beautiful,” she said. “It was just effortlessly cool.”

Lehman loves the thrill of the chase. Finding something valuable at a flea market is “the closest thing to gambling” that she gets. She talks about a buying trip to Connecticut where she was so enthusiastic she ended up having to rent a second U-Haul to carry everything home.

Lehman is enthusiastic about the new venture and is not afraid of failure.

“This was born out of passion,” she said. “I’ve dreamed about it for so long. I think the only failure is not taking a chance.”

Foxglove Interiors, 440 Castle Shannon Boulevard. 412-513-6465.