freshman 8: christa federico


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Bowling Green State University
Arts and Communication
Musical Theatre & Directing

Christa-FedericoJT: How did Mt. Lebanon High School prepare you for college?

CF: I feel much more advanced than a lot of my peers, especially in writing. I also feel like I got a lot of good people skills.

JT: What was the hardest part of the transition?

CF: The hardest part for me was the anxiety of it all. It didn’t really know what it was going to be like. So it was a lot of nervous excitement. And since my major is so different all the classes I was going to be taking were going to be different from high school. And also making friends. But it all worked out!

JT: Is college less or more challenging than high school?

CF: In different aspects it’s easier and harder. For my major it’s harder. But I would say that you are not stuck for so long in one place, it’s not as structured. I’ve learned a lot more about myself than I did in high school.

JT: What surprised you the most about college?

online exclusive logoCF: How awesome it is! People say it’s going to be the time of your life and they’re right. The structure is so much nicer and you are studying things that you want besides some required core classes. There’s also no petty high school drama.

JT: What’s one piece of advice you wish someone would have given you?

CF: Prioritize and try new things.

 JT: What’s something you wish you had done freshman year?

CF: I wish I had joined clubs that were just for my interests and not for what I was studying. I felt like I should do all the things in my major instead of just things I was genuinely interested in.

JT: Are you glad you went away from Pittsburgh?

CF: Yes. I don’t think I could’ve gone anywhere else. College has just become a new home for me.

JT: What was the most memorable part of your first year of college?

CF: I lived in an arts community. And the first night we stayed up all night and we watched the sunset. And the field is always open so we went out with blankets and laid on the grass and star-gazed.

JT: If you could give one piece of advice to a senior graduating from Mt. Lebanon, what would it be?

CF: Do things you never thought you wanted to do. But don’t get to caught up in everything. It goes by so fast.