Game Boy

Chad Cable is part of Disney’s “Creature Feep” team that creates computer games and apps. Cable, standing at left with the rest of his team, helped design the hit game Where’s My Water?

If your kid (or big kid) has recently downloaded Disney Mobile’s Where’s My Water? game, you might be surprised to know there’s a Mt. Lebanon connection. Chad Cable, Mt. Lebanon High School Class of 2006, is part of Disney’s five-person “Creature Feep” team, which developed the popular game.
As of the end of October the game had achieved well over a million sales, was Apple’s featured “game of the week” and was the No. 1 app on the App Store for 20 consecutive days, says Cable, who grew up on Woodhaven Drive and graduated from Syracuse University in 2010 with a double major in computer science and computer art.
Released in September, Where’s My Water? is a fun and challenging physics-based puzzle game for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that marks the debut of Disney’s first original game character, “Swampy,” a friendly alligator on a quest to be clean.

In the game, players guide water through underground layers of earth, rock and broken pipes and into Swampy’s bathtub. It features 80 levels of puzzles, graphics, humorous effects and a story that unfolds over time.
Cable, now a full-time Disney programmer/designer, started out at Disney two years ago as an intern based on a small video game he created as part of a senior project at Syracuse. “The only reason I chose computer science as one of my majors was a last-minute decision to take a computer science course my senior year at Lebo, says Cable, who recognizes his good fortune. “Very serendipitous!”

Where’s My Water? has an average rating of 4.83/5 stars on the App Store (from 12,000 customer reviews).  “It’s been really fun reading all the different reviews from the game,” Cable says. “There’s been a surprising number of grandparents who bought the game for their grandchildren and say they ended up getting hooked on it themselves.  We designed the game for everybody—gamers and non-gamers alike—so it’s been very encouraging to see how many self-professed non-gamers have enjoyed it so much.

Cable’s parents, Kim and Chris, are thrilled for his success but not surprised by his love of games.  Their large extended family has always enjoyed playing games ranging from cards to Pictionary, to making up puns, to playing Charades. Thanks to the digital age, Chad is the first family member to actually make money from his family’s tradition.
You can download Where’s My Water? at the App Store for 99 cents.