get fired up

The Mt. Lebanon Fire Department’s Citizens Fire Academy runs from September 13 to November 15. The very popular and long-running program is open to Mt. Lebanon residents and business owners, and serves as a window into the department’s operations, which go way beyond putting out fires.


Fear of heights? No problem. Plant your feet firmly in the bucket of the 95-foot aerial ladder truck and enjoy a rare view of Mt. Lebanon.


Water flows through the 5-inch hose at about 100 gallons per minute. It takes a crew to control the force of the water pressure.
One of the classes is a daylong session at the Washington County Fire Academy, where students put all of their knowledge into action. One of the stations is search and rescue in a building filled with smoke to simulate actual fire conditions.
Like power tools? So do firefighters. Wait til you get to use the Jaws of Life!
The MLFD hopes you have so much fun at the Academy that you sign up to be a volunteer firefighter.
You know how they say the camera adds 10 pounds? Well, the oxygen tank adds 20. Firefighters in full turnout gear lug around about an extra 50 pounds or more.

To learn more about the academy and to download an application, click here.

Photography by Ken Lager