heads up!

LOOK UP, LEBO  That’s the new safe streets education campaign, with its own logo, devised by the Public Information Office in cooperation with the Mt. Lebanon Police Department. Whether you’re a driver, pedestrian or cyclist, everyone has a responsibility to help keep the community safe. Expect to see stepped up efforts in education and enforcement to make sure everyone gets the message to be hyper-aware while on the move.

Here’s the first set of tips.

• Pedestrians: Did you know that you must use the sidewalk if the street has one, even if it’s on the other side of the street from you? Follow all traffic signs, signals and markings, even if it means you have to wait your turn. You also must cross at marked crosswalks. Pay attention to others around you and not your phone.

• Cyclists: All bikes must stop at all red lights and stop signs, just like cars. And bikes must have lights from dusk to dawn. Riders can be arrested for DUI, so don’t drink alcoholic beverages or use illegal drugs—or even prescriptions if they interfere with your judgement.

• Cars, trucks and motorcycles: Slow down. Staying at, or below, the posted speed limit gives you time to react to bikes, pedestrians, deer or other sudden movers. Keep your eyes on the road and your thumbs on the wheel…Texting and driving is illegal and dangerous. And steer clear of bikes. Give them at least four feet of clearance. Slow down or move over when passing an emergency vehicle stopped on the side of the road.

Updated equipment is just one part of the effort and to that end, police have just purchased an ENRADD—an electronic non-radar device. The timing devices are placed several feet apart on the road and send the vehicle’s speed to the ENRADD monitor in the police car. It’s helpful in areas that are difficult for police to see, such as hilly spots.

The $5,400 device, manufactured in Pennsylvania, was in the police budget for this year. Stay tuned for more information as the program develops. For up-to-date details, www.mtlebanon.org in the “trending now” section.