Holiday safety

Protect your purchases. Use extra caution while you’re shopping. /iStock

Shopping safety Black Friday deals have you running to the mall? If you’re out shopping for that perfect holiday present, be sure to put your bags in the trunk and out of sight.  Make frequent, short trips to the car with your bags and stay aware of your surroundings.


Packages If you’re not home, Mt. Lebanon police recommend coordinating with your neighbors to bring any packages inside for safe keeping. And, as always, don’t forget to Lock Up, Lebo! Make sure your house and vehicle are always locked.


Holiday parties Be sure to arrive alive—and get home safe. Mt. Lebanon police want to remind you: Don’t drink and drive. If you plan to party hard, use a ride share service to keep you, your family and everyone else on the road safe.


Cooking safety Thanksgiving dinner plans are set.  Make sure the pumpkin pie doesn’t boil over and start a fire in the oven.  If you’re deep frying a turkey, keep it outside, away from all structures. Ensure the turkey is fully defrosted. Combining water with hot oil is never a good idea. And make sure there’s enough space so the oil doesn’t spill over. On an occasion like this, you don’t want the Mt. Lebanon Fire Department showing up for dinner. Check out the fire department’s page on cooking safety for tips and videos, including a very special guest appearance by turkey-frying aficionado William Shatner.


Scam alert You get an email from your boss. They tell you they need you to buy them a gift card and mail it to a specific address. Guess what? It’s not your boss. It’s a scam, and some Lebo residents have been targeted. Mt. Lebanon police want to remind you to stay vigilant for these types of scams hitting inboxes. If you get an email like this, report it to your IT department. Don’t answer the email and definitely don’t buy the gift card.


Recreational fires It’s getting chilly. Whether you’re enjoying a recreational fire outside or sitting by the fireplace inside, don’t leave the fire unattended. Leave enough time for the embers to cool. Be careful where you toss them. Mt. Lebanon firefighters advise putting them in a metal container and wetting them down. Keep the can away from your house and don’t put it in the garage.


Space heaters The Mt. Lebanon Fire Department wants to remind you to keep your space heater at least 3 feet from anything combustible. Plug the device directly into the wall and don’t leave it unattended.


Christmas trees If you’re already decorating for Christmas, don’t forget to keep your fresh-cut tree watered. Don’t string too many strands of lights together. And, when possible, use battery-operated candles. They’re safer.


LOOK UP LEBO When the weather outside is frightful, remember to give yourself extra time to arrive safely at your destination. If it’s snowing, be sure to keep your car clear of the white fluffy stuff. Keep your distance from the car in front of you and give yourself extra time to stop—you might need it.


MRTSA SUBSCRIPTION DRIVE Medical Rescue Team South Authority has launched its 2023 subscription program. Having a membership helps to reduce the cost of a medically necessary ambulance transport by 50 percent. The billing for ambulance service can be as much as $1,500. If a person participates in the membership program, their out-of-pocket expenses would only be 50 percent of that total cost. Residents and business owners can purchase an individual membership for $60, household membership for $80 or business membership for $100. This annual program generates revenue for MRTSA, but more importantly, provides a layer of financial protection for those in their time of need.

For details and to signup, visit or call 412-343-5111.