a snowy thanks

During one of this winter’s terrible snows, I was coming home from work at about 10 or 10:30 at night. Obviously, the roads were hostile. I was driving up Connor Road toward the Woodridge Condos when a Cadillac in fron t of me stopped, made a U-turn and headed down Connor toward Washington. As such, my vehicle lost its momentum.

As I slowly slid and weaved trying to make it up the hill, I saw a snow removal truck approaching. Recognizing that I was in trouble, the driver pulled in front of me, then backed toward me and dropped salt, enough o allow me to get the traction I needed to get into the condo complex. That was a really nice gesture and I appreciated it.

Tom Torchia

Allenberry Circle


sew good

WOW. We can’t thank you enough for the outstanding article [about Three Rivers Quilters] in the March 2014 magazine. We are very excited about the coverage and appreciate your efforts with interviewing, coming to the meeting and spreading the good news about our guild. I am sure it will entice viitors to the show, inform those who know nothing of the quilting world and hopefully will encourage new members to visit and perhaps join the guild.

Camille Autieri, Pat Griffith and Janette Burke

Quilt Show Chairs