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As summer construction season gets underway, remember, it’s always a good idea to check with the Mt. Lebanon Inspection Office before you start a project. Not every project requires a permit, but a quick call to 412-343-3408 will let you know if your project does.

You can pick up and drop off permit applications at Mt. Lebanon’s Customer Service Center, 710 Washington Road, or download them from the municipal website,

Along with the application, you must include two copies of building plans and two copies of your property survey, indicating where on the property the work will be done. All applications must be signed by the property owner.

Permits can usually be issued within 30 business days. Once the building inspector reviews and approves the application, you will be notified by phone that the permit is ready and the total amount due. The permit and a copy of the approved plans can then be picked up at the customer service center on the first floor of the municipal building between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Pay by cash, Visa, MasterCard or by check made out to Mt. Lebanon, PA.

Decks and air conditioning units, either installing or replacing—all require permits. So do pools, above-ground or in-ground, two feet or deeper. Here are some more details about what you need for other projects:

Fences A fence permit is required for a new fence or replacement of a current one. The zoning ordinance regulates the height of fencing. In single-family residential districts, fences up to six feet are permitted in side and rear yards. Fences are not permitted in front yards. No solid fences are permitted. Shadowbox fences up to four feet in height are permitted. Other styles of fences are also permitted. A fence can be erected on the property line, unless your home is on a corner lot. Additional fence regulations can be found in Section 808, Chapter XX of the Mt. Lebanon Code, accessible at  For further information, call the zoning officer at 412-343-3475.

Windows If you are replacing windows, you will need a permit only if the size of the opening is being changed, or if you need to make structural changes to the house.

Electrical Permits are required for the installation of new electrical service equipment, existing service relocations, service increases, as well as fixed appliances and equipment connections. Permits are based on the size of service, number of circuits, and type of installation. Electrical permits, plan reviews and inspections are provided by Middle Department Inspection Agency, 412-481-2074.

Hot tubs A permit is required for all hot tubs containing more than two feet of water. A portable spa that simply plugs in does not require a permit. An electrical permit is required where grounding or additional circuits are installed. To obtain an electrical permit, contact Middle Department Inspection Agency, 412-481-2074.

Demolition A demolition permit is required for any commercial or residential demolition. A condition of obtaining the permit is written releases from all utility companies certifying that services have been disconnected. An asbestos exemption or abatement certificate may also be required.

Driveway or parking pad If you are building a new or replacing an existing driveway you will need a permit. For further information, call 412-343-3408.

Furnace A mechanical permit is required for a furnace. An electrical inspection may also be needed depending upon the scope of the replacement.

Retaining Walls greater than two feet require a permit. Walls greater than four feet require engineering drawings.

Plumbing Plumbing Inspections are done by the Bureau of Environmental Health. Contact Allegheny County Plumbing at 412-278-2513. Proof of approval is sent to the Inspection Office.

Signs All new or modified signs, even painted signs, require a permit. Illuminated signs also require an electrical permit.

Temporary signs require a permit from the Inspection Office. Temporary window signs do not need permits, but may not cover more than 25 percent of the area of each window. Signs can’t be placed anywhere that will make safe walking or driving difficult. If you have any specific questions about sign regulations, call 412-343-3475.

Photo: Diana DeBerardino