Large-Scale Projects In The Works

Photo: Nick Goodell

The proposed budget for Mt. Lebanon’s five-year capital improvement program is available for viewing prior to its adoption in December.

Mt. Lebanon has an annual operating budget, which covers to day-to-day costs of providing municipal services, and a capital improvement budget, which covers projects that extend beyond one year, and expensive one-time purchases. The municipality updates the capital improvement plan each year to reflect any change in priorities.

This plan includes 43 new or continuation projects for infrastructure, facility or equipment that have a gross cost of $53,723,170 over the five-year period. A number of the projects are funded in whole or in part by grants, user fees and contributions. The net tax cost for the program totals $23,647,500.

Some of the most significant projects proposed for 2023 are: $3.85 million for sanitary sewer work, mandated under a countywide consent decree, cost of which will be covered entirely from the sewer utilities fund; $760,000 for stormwater management, also covered by the sewer utilities fund; $2.1 million for street reconstruction, $412,500 for ADA improvements at N. Meadowcroft Park and $355,000 for HVAC upgrades to the municipal building.

Some of the projects submitted for inclusion in the CIP are:

North Garage improvements, $438,000 Upgrades to the elevator ($128,000) and structural repairs to the fifth level of the garage ($310,000).

Mt. Lebanon Park fall zone replacement, $139,300 The soft rubber surface was installed in 2006 and is showing signs of wear. This plan calls for covering the surface with an overlay of synthetic turf.

Public works equipment replacement, $1,064,230 Cost of the purchase of two dump trucks, a street line painter, hydraulic excavator, camera van replacement and the lease of a wheel loader is offset by the sewer utilities fund and the sale of equipment, for a net tax cost of $415,560.

Golf course cart path improvements, $101,090 Phase II of a project that began in 2020, the project calls for the installation and extension of cart paths on holes 2,3, 7 and 8.

Tennis court reconstruction, Phase II, $275,000 Reconstruction of courts 1, 2 and 3. Offset by a $123,750 contribution from Indoor Tennis of Mt. Lebanon, for a total tax cost of $151,250.

Tennis court lighting, $292,500 Replacement parts for the current metal halide light fixtures are no longer available. New LED light fixtures will provide better lighting and cut down on glare.

Ice Rink resurfacer, $165,000 Replaces a 25-year-old Zamboni with an automated Engo resurfacer. Cost is offset by an expected $10,000 from the Zamboni resale.

Fire department thermal imaging cameras, $39,000 Replaces six cameras that are more than 10 years old.

A public hearing on the budget is planned for Tuesday, October 11, and a vote for adoption on Tuesday, December 13. You can view the proposed plan at the Mt. Lebanon Public library and the Mt. Lebanon Municipal building, and or online here.  An interactive version of the document is available at the OpenLebo portal on the municipal website.