learning spaces, new places

School started today and most kids will be heading to classrooms unique to a new grade or even a new school. But students at Mt. Lebanon High School will be ushered into new spaces, as the sixth floor of Building B, which faces Cochran Road, opens to students for the first time.

As the year goes on, more spaces, such as the Fine Arts Theater and the pool in the new athletic complex, will open, allowing students to benefit from the project, which is scheduled to be complete in spring 2015. The high school renovation, which will cost $109.6 million, began in February 2012. Among its notable points:

  • a new science and technology wing, called “Building G,” which includes beautiful “trios,” or groups of two science classrooms clustered around spacious science labs
  • state-of-the-art communications, including fiber lines, wireless access and flatscreen monitors in classrooms (smart boards in math rooms)
  • top-of-the-line security systems, integrated with a newly organized building, so guests and parents will not be wandering all over the building looking for a principal or nurse’s office. Captured vestibules with cameras will mean all visitors will be seen and buzzed in.
  • a bridge that connects the new athletic building with 8-lane pool and three gyms offers beautiful vistas, but also offers increased security as the educational wings can be secured during athletic events

See many of these amenities yourself as you view the video of Superintendent Tim Steinhauer guiding Mt. Lebanon Magazine on a tour of progress last week:

See how far we’ve come since January. Watch our last video tour: https://lebomag.com/9187/video-tour-of-high-school-site/

Read our original magazine story about the project from 2012: http://ebooks.mtlebanon.org/mtl/mtl-112012/