This summer, we marked our 40th anniversary of living on Summit Drive.
That’s a long time by any standard but especially so in a society generally
considered transient. Upon reflecting on this milestone, I realized we were not
the only longtime residents of this Mt. Lebanon street. Our neighbor, Bill, has
lived in his house 61 years, and Mary, a few houses away, has been in hers 48
years. Bob and Sue have been here 42 years, and like us, Archie and Helen
moved in 40 years ago. Another longtime resident, MaryLou, has lived in her
house on the corner for 45 years. The list goes on, with many other people
living here for well over 30 years. We all know each other and, like all
good neighbors, we look out for each other and help out whenever the need
arises. We’ve watched our children play together, grow up and then leave home.
For many years, my husband spearheaded a group of neighbors who went
horseback riding every Saturday morning at Rolling Hills. Breakfast afterwards
at Kings Restaurant became a ritual. Progressive dinner parties also contributed
to the camaraderie of the neighborhood. And last year, when young Ben came
back from Afghanistan still limping from a severe war wound, we all
gathered in his driveway for a Welcome Home celebration.
With so many long-time residents living and socializing together on one
road, I like to think of this little corner of Mt. Lebanon as a village: Summit
Drive Village.
Ruth Einhorn
Summit Drive (Village)
June 2011

Editor’s note: Our sympathies to Mrs. Einhorn, whose husband, Jerzy, passed
away in July.


Just wanted to say how much I appreciated the feature Healing Through
Design (July/August 2011). What a testimony Mr. Tim Powers is
to the character of the Astorino Company in this project, coupled with the
sincerity of fellow Mt. Lebanon resident, Sandy Wasik.
Quoted in the article as a “centerpiece for the community,” I believe the new
Children’s Hospital in Lawrenceville serves as the hand of a true communion
where so many parts of the body of life and spirit can fl ow together in unity.
Simply beautiful to see, so many levels of life in transformational motion
here… the concern through research, the surface designing, the application, the
practice within, and even in the production of this article—almost like a prayer
or positive thought without end.

Jeff Nowak
Howard Hanna Real Estate Services