Living on the Fringe of Mt. Lebanon

Entering Village Green Park

When we moved here 12 years ago, my husband and I never intended on settling down in Mt. Lebanon. Born and raised as a South Hills girl, I knew that I wanted to land somewhere near my cherished Upper St. Clair childhood home. But, for some reason, our search never focused on Lebo.

While looking for a new home, we discovered an open house on Forestview Drive in Mt. Lebanon, just a few doors down from the Bethel Park border. We figured, why not? Let’s check it out. The moment we walked into the house we were smitten. We sold our place in Brookline and moved into our new home, teetering on the Mt. Lebanon border.

Though locals proudly advertise the municipality’s walkability, we often found ourselves driving to the neighborhood businesses. Living so close to Bethel Park doesn’t afford much convenience for a quick stop to Uptown for a cup of coffee. And if we wanted to visit the Beverly or Cochran road destinations, we hopped in the car rather than invest in a grueling trek on foot.

After moving in, my dog and I regularly strolled our sidewalks. I’m a restless person who easily bores taking the same route each day. I like to explore. Once I scoped out my direct neighborhood, I expanded my path to include streets that stretched just outside of our modest housing plan.

My dog and I ventured up to Highland Road, which connects to the top of our street. After a few fast minutes, a whole new world opened up. I realized that (in my humble opinion) I live in one of the best locations of Mt. Lebanon—just on the fringe.

On one of our first outings to Highland, we veered onto a wooded path. Cyan and I silently communed with nature and the wood chipped trail beneath our feet before entering a vast field located at the bottom. That field turned out to be Village Green Park. I immediately noticed that we stood at the back of the Giant Eagle Market District, and the Best Buy parking lot was just steps away.

After learning that I could reach a major shopping area in mere minutes and less than half a mile, I enlisted my family on regular walks to accomplish errands, blow off time or find more places to shop while on foot.

Cathy and her family walk to Village Square Mall.

Twelve years later and we regularly walk to The Home Depot (aka, dog Heaven and treat dispensary), Best Buy, Michael’s, Half Price Books, Kohl’s and Burlington. If we’re up for a few added steps to our walk, sojourning to South Hills Village serves as a perfect destination on a bright and sunny day. And we can stop at Friday’s on the way!

As if the options weren’t endless enough, my family and I discovered that we can stroll to The Galleria in just as little time as my initial Village Square route. And it’s not only The Galleria that offers us food, shopping and entertainment while on foot, but we’ve been known to meander to AMF Mt. Lebanon Lanes for a quick game. After that, it takes no effort to grab a snack from Dunkin’ or The Fresh Market.

The Galleria is another popular destination for them. The trek is always made on foot.

When I first moved here, I wished that my home was more centrally located. But now that a seemingly endless world of options has unfolded before me, I wouldn’t trade where I live for anything. I love living on the fringe of Mt. Lebanon.