Loving Lebo

The Mt. Lebanon Public Library was one of the first recipients of a Love Lebo sign, awarded to people or institutions that make a difference in the quality of life here. If you would like to participate in the program, read the details below.

When you see one of those Love Lebo signs in someone’s yard, you might think “They must really love Mt. Lebanon!” That may be true. But the reason they have a sign is because they did a good deed, and a friend decided to recognize them for it.

The Pay It Forward Lebo project is the Mt. Lebanon Partnership’s latest initiative to raise morale and celebrate everyday good deeds in our community. It launched mid-August, but plenty of yard signs are still available in the municipal building, 710 Washington Road, for new participants to join the fun.

The rules are simple: If someone, a non-family member, has made a difference in your life—a teacher, scout leader, business owner, etc.—place one of the signs in their yard. Snap a picture or take a video (with them in it, if you can), and post it to Facebook or Instagram, explaining why you chose that person. Be sure to use #LoveLebo and tag
@mtlebanonpartnership. Your nominee gets to keep the sign for 30 days, and then they are tasked with nominating someone new, essentially “paying it forward.”

“We were looking for something that would send positive vibrations through our community,” says Eric Milliron, Mt. Lebanon Commercial Districts Manager. “In these dark times of COVID, we need points of light to direct our attention to. We’re glad we can help celebrate people who are doing good things.”

The Partnership’s Love Lebo campaign extends beyond the neighborhoods. Visitors to the Beverly and Washington Road business districts may have noticed those distinctive Love Lebo logos on new banners and picnic tables in public spaces.

“If you get a sandwich or taco, you need a nice place to sit. We want to encourage people to hang out,” says Milliron. “This is also a placemaking effort, so that people can see how the Vibrant Uptown project could work.”

Planning for Vibrant Uptown, the municipality’s $3.9 million Uptown improvement project, is underway and is expected to take three years. It will include lighting, sidewalk and conduit replacement, accessibility improvements on Washington Road and the development of Parse Way, among other improvements.

The Love Lebo tables will remain through the winter to allow for for the occasional sunny day, or for friends who want to bundle up and enjoy a socially distant coffee.

Milliron expects the Love Lebo campaign to continue with new initiatives as the holidays approach. After Love Lebo Bingo, which encouraged residents to visit local businesses over the summer, Milliron is working to create similar initiatives promoting local holiday shopping.

For updates on Love Lebo, visit www.mtlebopartnership.org.

Photo by Judy Macoskey