May the Hoth be with you

If your family is into Star Wars, then you won’t want to miss the Battle of Hoth diorama on Washington Road this morning. This was all done last night in front of Uptown Coffee. 

The snowy weather and location were perfect for the Star Wars battle, said one of the Mt. Lebanon residents involved in the display. The two friends behind the project are huge fans of the franchise. One of them has a 3-D printer at home, so he printed, painted and crafted each of the figurines. 

The duo chose the location in Uptown because the coffee shop gets a lot of foot traffic and they wanted the maximum number of people to see it. “They also have a planter in front and that’s perfect,” said one of the Star Wars enthusiasts. They asked to remain anonymous since they plan on doing more pop-up art like this on Washington Road and want it to be a surprise.

This scene depicts an Imperial invasion to destroy the Rebel Alliance’s Echo Base hidden on Hoth, the remote ice world.

Whether you’re a Star Wars superfan or not, this is definitely something worth checking out!