More than vinyl

Greg Anderson is a collector.  Not just of the albums he sells at Vinyl Remains, 692 Washington Road, but also of retro furniture and other tchotchkes.

He has two storage units filled with “stuff,” and no place to put it—until now.

Say hello to Vintage Remains, 690 Washington Road, the former location of You’re Invited greeting card shop.

Anderson’s had his eyes on that spot ever since he moved Vinyl Remains from Dormont to Mt. Lebanon four years ago. When he heard the previous tenant was retiring, he jumped on it.

“So excited because I needed a space to house my stuff,” he said.

Anderson hopes his two stores will complement each other. “It’s a great opportunity.  It’s right next door; it’s a small affordable space; not like a huge space where it’s a huge risk,” he pointed out.

If you’re looking for vintage items like couches, dining tables, lamps, knickknacks and old dishware from the ’60s and ’70s, Vintage Remains is your place. Anderson also plans to sell higher-end audio equipment.

“I hate seeing empty storefronts,” he said. “Taking a risk. It’s what small business is all about.”

At press time, Vintage Remains was scheduled to open around Thanksgiving.