mtl gifting

Wine glasses. Really, they’re good for drinking any liquid. Makes a nice “ting” sound when you flick it with your finger. $10 each.


In our last issue, we went up and down the streets of the business districts to find gift items. This month, we walked down two flights of stairs and found a veritable bonanza at our customer service center, all bearing the official Lebo logo (accept no substitutes!). You can also get all of this stuff and more online at the LeboSTORE.





Gift cards for the Mt. Lebanon Golf Course. $25, $50 or $100. Depends on how big you want to golf.

mtl umbrella





Umbrella: In case it ever rains in western Pennsylvania. Open the umbrella and the logo will beam straight up to heaven. $25

LEBO chair etc



Hats, shirts, keychains! Camp chairs, mugs, even a license plate. Buy tickets to municipal events, like Winterfest, which is coming up in February. While you’re visiting MyLEBO, check out all the other things you can accomplish with a few clicks of the mouse: pay parking tickets, request overnight on-street parking, request municipal permits and make a number of other service requests.