New Restaurant on Castle Shannon Boulevard

A man and a woman holding a young child standing in their storefront
Waraporn “Katie” Kaewwangworn and her husband, Vick Oktavian, hold their daughter, Mila, inside what will be their new eatery, Itamae, located at 193 Castle Shannon Boulevard. The establishment, which is replacing Yum Yum Asian Cuisine, will feature traditional Japanese Sushi and Thai food.

Vick Oktavian spent the last 14 years making sushi in some notable restaurants in Florida. Now, he’s bringing that expertise to Itamae, 193 Castle Shannon Boulevard, the former location of Yum Yum Asian Cuisine.

Itamae is Japanese for chef, or someone who works behind a cutting board. The new concept is Thai and sushi; the décor Asian/Japanese following a light renovation to install a small sushi bar.

Indonesian-born Oktavian learned the art of sushi at Hiro Japanese in North Miami Beach and had the opportunity to work directly under award winning Chef Koko at the popular Namba Sushi and Ramen after relocating to Naples, Florida.

Oktavian’s wife Katie Kaewwangworn also has years of culinary experience and specializes in Thai dishes. She learned to cook from her mother at a very young age and trained in various Thai restaurants in Naples, under the mentorship of some of the most skilled wok chefs.

The two self-proclaimed foodies are happy to be serving Mt. Lebanon. “We are firm believers that in order to make good food, we must train our taste buds by eating good food,” said Oktavian.