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Tasked with formulating strategies and policies that meet the needs of the community, the planner assists developers and property owners with issues pertaining to land development, zoning and related matters.

The Planning Office also oversees all Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping. Mt. Lebanon has had a GIS database for more than 20 years—a repository for digitized information gleaned from more than a thousand paper maps of our infrastructure that showed the locations of traffic signals, manholes, sewer lines, fire hydrants, signs and much more. Go online for more information or to fill out a map request form. You can submit it to the GIS office or drop it off at the customer service center, 710 Washington Road.

Historic District

Mt. Lebanon has a National Register Historic District of 4,400 properties, stablished in 2014. Various standards, such as whether or not a building maintains its distinctive historic features, apply when determining which structures are “contributing” to the historic district. But the main requirements are that the building must be located within the boundary of the district, and it must have been built before 1945. 

Current Residential Projects

Briarwood Drive

Costa Home Builders and individual property owners were granted approval to develop 11 single-family homes on 4.03 acres on the border of Baldwin Township. One additional home will be built on the portion of the land in Baldwin.

Summit Pointe (Country Club Drive)

Approvals were granted to Charter Homes at Summit, Inc. and individual property owners to develop 11 single-family homes on 10.45 acres in Sunset Hills.

Senior Apartments (Midland Avenue/McNeilly Road)

The Allegheny County Housing Authority recently finished construction on a 60-unit age-restricted apartment building on 2.54 acres at 2903 Midland Avenue

Current Commercial Projects

St. Clair Hospital Dunlap family out-patient Center (1000 Bower Hill Road)

The hospital is building an addition to its  existing facility for an ambulatory care center, operating rooms, outpatient facilities, offices and associated parking. Approvals for the land development plan, lot consolidation plan, and conditional use were granted in 2018. The project is expected to add 150 new jobs and contribute $262.4 million in direct revenue to the region’s economy.

1701 Cochran Road

In 2016, Cozza Enterprises was granted final approval of a land development plan to reuse an existing two-story brick building on the site and construct a new 20,000 square-foot commercial building on the property. Site work and grading began in 2018. The land development plan was approved for a mix of office and retail, however it may require a parking study depending on the type of business that uses the space.

Pending Projects

These pending projects may eventually appear on the Planning Board’s agendas:

1100 Washington Road (former First Church of Christ, Scientist property): Flash Point Partners would like to build 6 single-family homes on the 2.63 acre plot.

Residences at Poplar: Chatham Development is in the predevelopment stage of planning townhouse or duplex units for this .96-acre property adjacent to the T tracks on Pennsylvania Boulevard.

397 Old Gilkeson Road: The property owner and Gilkeson Group have had predevelopment meetings to discuss the development of apartments or townhomes on this 1.32-acre property near the border of Upper St. Clair on Gilkeson Road. 

400 Washington Road: Zamagias Properties, who were planning to build a condominium, applied to the planning board for a text amendment to the zoning code to permit townhouses in the R-7 zoning district. The board approved the amendment in January.

Future Projects

Applications have not yet been filed for these projects. They are conceptual in nature:

2904 Castlegate Avenue: Residential Resources is discussing a 40-60 townhouse and apartment complex on the 5.58-acre property on McNeilly Road and Castlegate Avenue.

Castle Shannon Boulevard: Kossman Development received approval for two 50,000 square-foot office buildings in 2006, but they were never built. Now they have discussed 60 townhouse units for this 5.27-acre property near the Shop n’ Save.

Castle Shannon Boulevard: A single private owner may develop this 1.38-acre property, zoned R-5 Multi-Family Residential, near the post office on Castle Shannon Boulevard.

Washington Road South Garage: The 2013 Mt. Lebanon Comprehensive Plan identified the site for possible future mixed-use development. Reconstruction of the garage is likely in the next eight to 10 years.

Mt. Lebanon Station: With approval from the Pittsburgh Port Authority, this site could be reconstructed as part of the Vibrant Uptown Project.