police give gifts that count

Tuesday night, the Mt. Lebanon Police Department presented Mt. Lebanon Village members with gift baskets filled with fruit and goodies during the Village’s annual holiday party. While the department comes together and tries to give to a local charity each year “in the holiday spirit,” as  Cpl. James Hughes put its, this is the first year Mt. Lebanon Village has been chosen as the recipient. Daniel McNabb, owner of the Castle Shannon Shop ‘n Save, donated the 45 fruit baskets and has also coordinated the donation of hot meals to many of the village’s seniors, working closely with the police department. The holiday party included  volunteers from Mt. Lebanon Village and many of its members, both full-time and associate.

Sue Lauer, president of the Mt. Lebanon Village Board, says membership is pushing 100. One of the big reasons to become a full member, ride services, are volunteer-dependent and also provide seniors with someone to talk to and are a better alternative to public transportation or paying for pickup. The police department’s charitable-giving arm, the Mt. Lebanon Police Association, has also voted to make a monetary donation to the village in appreciation of this and other services to our community.

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Hughes, who represented the police department during the holiday party, has been a member of both the police department and association for more than 20 years. When asked about his personal involvement, he says, “You get the good feelings that comes with doing something like this—helping your fellow man.” The seniors at the holiday party raved about Mt. Lebanon Village and the benefits of joining, some regaling each other with stories about a banjo club they’d visited as part of a village social event.

“It’s a wonderful asset for me,” says Pat Collins of Ashland Avenue, who finds the social aspects, like this holiday party, a big perk of joining. Behind her sits a table filled with fruit baskets, wrapped up with a bow, one of which she’ll take home later. It’s a small reminder that the Mt. Lebanon Police Department isn’t just keeping her neighborhood safe, but making sure that the organizations which play a part in our community are also supported, thanked, and able to continue their important operations.