Public Safety

Fire academy student putting out a fire.
The Citizens Fire Academy is MLFD’s best recruitment tool. Residents who take the eight-week class learn about everything from firefighting to vehicle extraction and trench rescues. /Photo: Ken Lager

INDOOR SAFETY Our fire department doesn’t just prevent and fight fires. They’re also advocates for in-home safety. Slips and falls are a large gateway to the decline in quality of life for older people. In addition to keeping sidewalks and outdoor steps clear of ice and snow, if you have aging parents, think about installing grab bars and seats in showers and tub areas. Put non-skid rug pads under all rugs.


STAY WARM As the weather gets colder, you may need to augment the heating system in your house to stay warm. If you want to use a space heater, remember it should be plugged directly into a wall socket, not into a surge strip or extension cord of any kind. Make sure there is three feet of clearance in all directions and stay in the room when it’s operating. Never use your stove or grill or any other cooking appliance to heat your home.


CHRISTMAS TREE DISPOSAL Do not put your tree in your fireplace. Put it out for recycling the day before your trash day during the weeks of January 8 and 15. It will be collected and turned into wood chips.


CAR SECURITY Is it cold outside and you want to warm up your car before you drive away? Police suggest you warm it up in your driveway. Thieves are looking for cars warming up in the street to steal.


BRAKE TIME Drivers, as the roads become covered in ice or snow, make sure you stop earlier than usual so that you do not hit the car—or pedestrian—in front of you. Give yourself plenty of extra space and time.