Public Safety

FREE ESTATE PLANNING The Allegheny County Bar Association and the law firm of K&L Gates sponsored a Wills for Heroes event at the Mt. Lebanon Public Safety Center in May. Volunteer attorneys, witnesses and notaries provide opportunities for first responders, military personnel and military veterans to receive free basic estate planning information, including wills, living wills, healthcare powers of attorney and durable financial powers of attorney.

OUTSTANDING SERVICE AWARD The Pennsylvania PTA recognized Mt. Lebanon Fire Department Lt. Kris Siegert with an Honorary Life Membership Award for his contributions to the PTA through the development of curriculum for special needs students and delivery of the department’s fire and life safety education programs.

Siegert developed a fire safety program tailored for the school district’s life skills students, incorporated the American College of Surgeons’ Stop the Bleed program into the high school health curriculum and is currently working on a program to teach all high school students how to use a fire extinguisher.

A crossing guard wearing a bright yellow jacket allowing kids to cross the crosswalkCROSSING TO SAFETY The Mt. Lebanon Police Department is recruiting crossing guards for the upcoming school year.  Applicants must possess a valid drivers license and must provide a state police and a federal criminal history report and a child abuse clearance. Pay starts at $16.65 per hour. Apply online at the Human Resources section of For more information, call Sharon Kroner at 412-343-4540.

CLASSIC CARS You might find a Little Deuce Coupe on Washington Road at the Mt. Lebanon Police Department’s annual Classic Car Show, on Sunday, July 7. The free, rain-or-shine event runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the 600 and 700 blocks of Washington Road and includes classic cars, food, vendors and live music. Could see a Hot Rod Lincoln or two, a killer machine Highway Star or maybe even that V-8 Ford that caught Maybellene at the top of the hill.

SUMMER SAFETY ROUNDUP Mt. Lebanon’s first responders hope you have a fun summer, and offer some common-sense tips for staying safe.

In the water If you have a pool in your yard, make sure there’s a fence around it and that the area is secure. Don’t leave young children unattended in the pool and always put safety first.

Fireworks  We have a tremendous fireworks display to cap off Mt. Lebanon’s July 4 Community Day. Done by trained professionals, no alcohol involved and nobody loses an eye. If for some reason that’s not enough to satisfy your need for big bangs, be aware of the rules. You can’t set off fireworks within 150 feet of any structure. You need permission to ignite fireworks on public property, so parks and other public areas are off limits. Penalties can involve fines up to $100.

Beat the heat  Medical Rescue Team South Authority wants to remind people with pre-existing medical conditions to take care. According to the CDC, adults over 65, children under 4, people with existing medical problems such as heart disease and people without access to air conditioning can be at risk during extreme heat. Find an air-conditioned shelter, avoid direct sunlight and wear lightweight, light colored clothing. Stay hydrated. Drink more water than usual and don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink more fluids. Stay informed. Pay attention to the current temperature and extreme heat alerts and know the symptoms for heat-related illnesses.

red logo: PACE Yourselves Lebo. icons of a pedestrian, car, cyclist and peoplePACE YOURSELF  Headed on a summer bike ride? Be sure to wear bright and reflective clothing. Signal at all turns and don’t assume anyone else can see you. Wear appropriate safety equipment, including a helmet, and don’t stop in the blind spot of adjacent cars at a red light. Don’t make sudden movements and follow all traffic laws.