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Mt. Lebanon’s newest crop of volunteer firefighters, from left: Gervais Moldonado, Cory Higgins, Brick Stanley and Patrick McCree./Photo: Jacqueline Radin

Wherever you are, you can hear from the Mt. Lebanon Police Department by logging into social media. The department regularly posts on its Facebook page, and Twitter. They’ll post news releases, crime trends, traffic watches and fun information, in addition to important news items you need to know.

That said, the page is not monitored 24-7 and is definitely not the place to report suspicious activity, dangerous road conditions or ask for an officer to respond. Always call 911 in those situations, even if it’s not a life and death emergency. But if you have general questions, the MLPD  would love to hear from you on social media.

The Facebook page is a complement to this magazine and other outreach media, including the police website and LeboALERT email or text notification, which is available free by signing up at


GO ZONES  It’s the start of a new school year, so please pay special attention inside the Go Zones at each school. The Go Zones, which are clearly marked, are only for drop off and pick up of students and are not places to wait. The police monitor the areas to make sure they run smoothly, but Police Chief Aaron Lauth says they can’t be at every school all the time. The Zones only work if the cars move in and out quickly without parking. Thanks.

Justin Lataille has joined the police department. Photo: Sam Oshlag

WELCOME Justin Lataille, a 2003 Mt. Lebanon High School graduate and Mt. Lebanon’s newest police officer, has completed his field training and is now on patrol. Lataille graduated from  the University of Pittsburgh in 2012 with a degree in criminal justice. He also is a veteran of the United States Army. He served in the infantry and served a tour of duty in Iraq. He was an intern for Mt. Lebanon Police Department in 2011.