public safety

Photo/Gene J. Puskar

LOOK UP, LEBO! It’s not unusual to see pedestrians hitting the “walk” button on Washington Road and soon exclaiming “The button’s not doing anything?!!”

If you are crossing the side streets along Washington Road, you will get a walk signal when it is your turn without needing to press a button. But if you are crossing Washington Road itself, you will need to hit the button. Hitting the button will not stop the traffic; that timing is pre-set, and frankly, you wouldn’t want to stop traffic on Washington Road every time a pedestrian stepped up to the light. The traffic backup would be unreal.

But the button will make sure you get a walk signal about two seconds before the opposing traffic gets the green light—enough time for you to get out into the crosswalk so drivers can see you. And if you’re a driver, especially one turning from a side street onto Washington Road, you must look carefully into that crosswalk before completing your turn, especially during times of sun glare. New signs recently went up at the Cedar/Washington intersection to remind drivers to look for pedestrians, who aren’t always easy to see.

Pedestrians—make eye contact with drivers before you cross in front of them. Make certain they see you. It could save your life.


POLAR PLUNGE You don’t have to be a Mt. Lebanon police officer to participate in the Polar Plunge, Saturday, December 10, at Heinz Field. Go to the police website at and register to get frozen for a good cause: Special Olympics, Pa. You can jump in the river, or if that sounds a little germy for your taste, you may plunge into one of the outdoor kiddie pools they’ll have. If you just want to watch, donations are welcome. And if you start to freeze, warm up inside at  Stage AE.

Lock your car, during holiday season and always.

HOLIDAY FOR THIEVES We’re into holiday shopping season. If you’re having a package delivered to your home but you won’t be there, have a neighbor grab it for you or, better yet, have it delivered directly to someone who’ll be home. If you’re shopping in person, make sure to lock your car with the packages completely out of sight. It’s much better than the alternative: stolen packages, a broken window or any number of events that would ruin your holiday.

LOCK IT! Speaking of locking cars, remember to lock yours every day. The police continue to see items stolen from many unlocked cars. They have caught some of the thieves, but there always seem to be more.

CHECK IT! Ah, the magic of the season. Firelight. Candlelight. Sugar plums. Although we’ve never seen a sugar plum accident (but we’re not ruling them out), candles are still the number one cause of fires in Mt. Lebanon. Never leave a candle unattended, and make sure it’s away from curtains, drafts, pets and holiday decorations, including that beautiful evergreen bough on your mantel. Or save yourself the hassle and just get  one of those electric ones.