Public Safety

Mt. Lebanon Fire Department marked its centennial with an open house that included a “push-in” ceremony to welcome the department’s newest pumper truck. /Photo: Sam Oshlag

NEW DEPUTY CHIEF Mt. Lebano Police Lt. Paul Petras has been promoted to deputy chief, operations division. He joins Deputy Chief Jason Haberman, support services, who has been on the job since September and was featured last month. Petras, took over for Deputy Chief Michael Gallagher, who retired this fall after 24 years with the department.

A 17-year veteran of the department, Petras has has assignments in both patrol and investigative services. He has served as the team commander of the South Hills Area Council of Governments critical Incident Response and Defensive Tactics Training teams. He also trains new recruits at the Allegheny County Police Academy, where he serves as firearms instructor.

Before working in Mt. Lebanon, Petras served in the U.S. Army for nine years in both military intelligence and special forces. He has an undergraduate degree from Edinboro University and a graduate degree from Mountain State University.


Mt. Lebanon Fire Department is celebrating its centennial this year. In tribute, each month, we’re offering a glimpse of local firefighting through the decades, featuring pictures and information from the municipal archives.

1990 Fire Chief Steve Walther retires and is replaced by Steve Darcangelo, who makes it his mission to get a new home for the fire department.

1990 The Commission added a firefighter to the department, bringing the total to 17 career and 42 volunteer firefighters. This allowed for an expansion of the department’s fire prevention curriculum in Mt. Lebanon schools.

1992 A Sutphen 100-foot tower ladder was purchased to replace the 1971 American LaFrance aerial.

1995 Purchased a 1987 Airport bus and converted it into a command center and transport unit for firefighters.