Public Safety

CARRYING THE TORCH Leaning heavily on the “serve” part of the “serve and protect” oath, the Mt. Lebanon police will again participate in the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Pennsylvania. On June 4, police will light the “Flame of Hope” torch in Downtown Pittsburgh and carry it, relay style, all the way to State College, where the torch will light the cauldron to kick off the Special Olympics Summer Games on June 6.

Catch the Mt. Lebanon police starting at 10:45 a.m., Tuesday, June 4, as they pick up their part of the relay at Mercy Hospital, carrying it through Oakland, past UPMC-Magee Women’s Hospital, down Bates to the Jail Trail, over the Hot Metal Bridge and finishing up at the American Eagle Outfitters headquarters on the South Side, where the next PD will pick up.

You can donate to the Torch Run, which benefits Special Olympics Pennsylvania, by going to the police website.


LOOK UP LEBO As the weather warms up, more kids are outside playing, and they’re more likely to walk to school instead of catching a ride. Drivers should pay extra attention for kids, who aren’t always guaranteed to look both ways before crossing, no matter how many times we tell them.

And if you’re out with Fido, make sure you have him on a leash. It only takes a second’s worth of a distraction to lose control of a non-leashed pet—and that can result in bites to bystanders or your pet getting hit by a car. Don’t let that happen.


GEAR UP FOR GRILLING Just because your grill is supposed to have fire in it doesn’t mean it can’t catch on fire. Now that grilling and picnic seasons is underway, give your grill the once-over to make sure it’s safe and clean. The Mt. Lebanon Fire Department says one problem is often the supply line hose, which can suffer from dry rot and potentially cause a fire. Also clean off any residual grease.

We know everyone hates to grill in the rain, but do not bring your grill onto your porch or into your garage. Make sure it is a safe distance from your house.


CALL 911 The fire department loves to help you with nonemergency things, like installing free smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors if you don’t have one (just call 412-343-3402 to schedule). But please call 911 for all fires. If the firefighters are all out on another call, there may not be anyone in the station to answer the nonemergency lines. 911 always answers and they will send help.


WALK THIS WAY It is everyone’s responsibility, traveling on foot or on wheels, to observe traffic safety rules. Because so many children in our community walk to school, it is helpful when adults set a good example by crossing in the crosswalks and following the safety rules in place to protect everyone. Drivers should slow down in school zones even when the 15 MPH light is not flashing.