Public Safety

Kids can learn about fire safety during National Fire Prevention Month and can tour the fire station anytime. Families and small groups can just drop in, and to schedule a larger group, call 412-343-3402. /Photo by Corey Grau

PLAN YOUR ESCAPE “Not Every Hero Wears a Cape—Plan and Practice Your Escape,” is the theme for October’s Fire Prevention Month, organized by the National Fire Protection Association. Mt. Lebanon firefighters say you should celebrate the month by planning an escape route with everyone in your household, keeping in mind these points:

Select two escape routes for each person in the house

Make sure you have working smoke detectors

If you have smoke or a fire, get OUT of your home and STAY out


WALK THIS WAY Pedestrian deaths are at the highest level in 28 years, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association. In 2018, 6,227 pedestrians died, an increase of 4 percent from 2017. Causes range from drivers having larger vehicles, such as SUVs, drivers and pedestrians distracted by smartphones and a larger number of people walking to work. Take the extra time to make sure you are seen.


LOOKING FOR LOVE October is Valentine’s Day for deer, otherwise known as breeding season, or the rut. Avoid all those randy creatures by driving slowly and being extra alert on the roads.

Students and faculty on the first day of school at Washington Elementary. Everyone else needs a valid government-issued ID to enter.

NEW SCHOOL RULES The school district has a new entry policy for anyone who wants admittance beyond the office at any of the schools. You must bring a valid government-issued ID, which will be electronically checked against known sexual offender databases before a visitor’s badge can be printed.

For every visit, the ID will be retained in the office and returned upon checkout. IDs will be kept in a secure location. Visitors must display their badges at all times. This system only uses the visitor’s name, date of birth, and photo for comparison with a national database of registered sex offenders.

Additional visitor data, such as a driver’s license number, is not gathered, and no data will be shared with any outside company or organization. In the instance of a large school event such as a concert, each school will continue its practices established to admit guests.