Public Safety

Citizens Fire Academy Participate in real-life, hands-on activities, like operating a hose line, cutting apart a vehicle with the Jaws of Life, extinguishing live fires and climbing a 100-foot ladder truck.

The Mt. Lebanon Fire Department’s Citizens Fire Academy runs September 14 to November 11. Most classes are on Wednesday nights, with a daylong Saturday class on November 5 at the Washington County Fire Academy.

Interested in learning what it’s like to be a firefighter? Fill out an interest form on their website

A man in a fire hat and T-shirt climbs to the top of a ladder, facing the camera, with a smile on his face.
Mt. Lebanon Fire Department’s Citizen Fire Academy is back!


Candle safety Sure, they smell great and create a soothing, tranquil environment. But candles can be very dangerous, if not used properly. That little flame can start a rather large fire. Mt. Lebanon firefighters have some tips to avoid that: Don’t leave your candles unattended. And, in an emergency, use a flashlight instead of a candle for lighting. Watch candle placement. Don’t place them near anything that can burn.

If you’re using them for ambiance, Mt. Lebanon firefighters recommend using LED candles that give the same effect without the danger.


Fire pit safety Chilly temps have you thinking of roasting marshmallows by the fire? Be sure to follow the rules. If you’re starting a campfire, keep the fuel area to less than three feet in diameter and two feet high. Do not burn rubbish or yard waste and keep the fire at least 25 feet away from structures and combustible materials.

For all the outdoor burning regulations, visit the Mt. Lebanon Fire Department’s website.


Look Up Lebo If you’re walking your child to school, be mindful of passing vehicles. In the Washington and Beverly business districts, you must cross at a crosswalk and only when you have a walk signal. If the countdown starts to flash, do not start to make your way across the street. Always use the sidewalks and be aware of vehicles nearby.



School is back in session. Take care. /Photo: Judy Macoskey

Back to school safety

It’s back to school time, which means you’re going to see a lot more little ones and their parents walking in our neighborhoods. Drivers, remember: Pay attention at crosswalks. Kids will be crossing the street in the morning, at lunchtime and in the afternoon.

If you’re in a school zone, slow down. Be prepared to stop. Go the speed limit and when stopping at a crosswalk, leave enough room between you and the pedestrian so that cars around you can see them.