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You probably know police officers “dust” for fingerprints to solve crimes, but do you know how they identify and match the prints? FInd out how to do that (above) and many more detective and crime prevention skills at the 10-week Citizens Police Academy, which begins in March. Apply now at /Photo: Ken Lager

COMING IN MARCH Police are firming up plans for the 2019 Citizens Police Academy. The 10-week classes are held once a week free for all residents and people who work in Mt. Lebanon. Participants will learn about investigations, patrol, the K9 unit, narcotics, crime prevention, firearms, the Critical Incident Response Team and more. But you have to register. Visit the website for information on the program and an application.


‘S NO JOKE Even though you have 24 hours after a snowfall stops to clear your sidewalks, kids walk to school, people walk to public transit and Fido needs his exercise. So, please have a heart and shovel as soon as you can to ensure safe passage. Pedestrians, even if it looks easier to walk in the street, when it’s slippery out, it’s not safe, so please use the sidewalk whenever possible. Drivers, when the snow is really deep or a street does not have a sidewalk, pedestrians may have no choice but to walk in the street, so keep an eye out for them and allow extra stopping time and distance.


SAVING LIVES Medical Rescue Team South Authority, the ambulance service that handles calls for Mt. Lebanon, knows you know how important CPR is. And of course, the service has popular community CPR classes you can take. But the new push is to Stop The Bleed. Whether it’s due to an accident, an act of violence, or other unfortunate event, catastrophic blood loss can lead to a quick death. Bystanders who know how to stop the bleed are a community asset. To that end, MRTSA is offering free Stop The Bleed classes at its headquarters, 315 Cypress Way. The next class is Tuesday, January 22 at 7 p.m. Registration is required, at MRTSA’s website. While you’re there, check out all the helpful classes MRTSA offers.


MEDICAL RESCUE MEMBERSHIP A $75 Medical Rescue Team South Authority(MRTSA)household membership could save you major cash if you need an ambulance. An annual fee of $47 per individual and $75 per household covers any co-pay, deductible or balance related to ambulance billing. A household subscription covers anyone who needs an ambulance while residing in or visiting your house. You can also purchase a business subscription for $70, plus $5 for each employee. If you did not receive a membership packet in the mail, visit their website and join online or call 412-343-5111. Membership is good from January 1 through December 31, 2019.