Seeing red

Maybe this is the year you complete your entire holiday shopping list without even leaving town. And maybe this is also the year you commit to a theme for the holidays. Yes–you are the Red Gifter. If that’s the way you want to go, we did some recon for you. We found a trove (not a treasure trove, that’s redundant. A trove holds treasure.) of fine scarlet, crimson, burgundy and well, there’s a whole bunch of other shades right here in our Washington and Beverly Road business districts. And as a bonus, on Small Business Saturday, November 29, on-street parking is free in both districts.

Delight in this collage of gifts, edited by mtl’s Judy Macoskey.


And watch a red (of course!) citrus cosmo being born at Walnut Grill, filmed and edited by Sally Bucey: