St. Clair checkup

The American Heart Association (AHA) has designated St. Clair Hospital as a Fit-Friendly Worksite-Gold. Mt. Lebanon resident David DeCarlucci, MS, CES, Supervisor Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehabilitation at St. Clair Hospital, says the AHA defines Fit-Friendly Worksites as “employers who go above and beyond when it comes to their employees’ health.” DeCarlucci, who heads the Hospital’s Wellness Committee, says St. Clair met the AHA’s criteria in several categories, including fitness, nutrition and culture. David_Decarlucci_st_clair_hosp

“St. Clair achieved the award through a collaborative effort to make healthy lifestyle choices convenient, affordable and fun,” DeCarlucci says. “Some examples of our initiatives at St. Clair include adopting indoor and outdoor walking routes, competitive races and challenges, discounted healthy meal options in the hospital cafeteria, educational classes and on-site fitness classes.”

The hospital’s employee wellness committee  includes employees from throughout the organization. “Committee members are extremely generous in sharing their time, talents and resources for the benefit of the employees,” says DeCarlucci. “It was an honor to win this designation from the AHA, but the main benefit we received was that the application process provided us with a road map to success.”
DeCarlucci says St. Clair will continue to implement innovative ways to support healthful living and keep its employees engaged.

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