The Brilliant Minds, local indie-rock band, says it’s never too late to follow your dreams

Four men playing in a band on a stage with purple and red lights shining on them
The musicians behind The Brilliant Minds—Luke Petrozza, Jake Locke, Sean Naccarelli and Dave Copeland—have been performing since their teenage years in Peters Township. After spending years apart, going to college, starting new careers and families and buying homes, the four men regrouped to form a new indie-rock band and rediscover the songs written in their youth.

ecades of friendship and songwriting combined to create a new indie-rock band, The Brilliant Minds. Sean Naccarelli, Dave Copeland, Luke Petrozza and Jake Locke make up the four-piece group. Some of the musicians played together in middle and high school, but after graduating in the late 2000s, the band members went separate ways, pursuing school, careers and families. However, Sean Naccarelli, Rockwood Avenue, never stopped writing the songs he began as a teenager.

Six months after Naccarelli’s daughter was born in 2021, he thought more about his life goals and legacy. “I’ve had these songs for so long—some were written more recently, some back as far as 2009—and I want my daughter to grow up with them and have something tangible. That’s what really sparked it for me.”

Naccarelli started to get the band together and the four officially regrouped in May 2022. Describing their style of music, Rosemont Avenue resident Dave Copeland said, “we’re like if the Beach Boys and Oasis got into a fight. A middle-ground between surf and punk.”

The lyrics cover high school love (and heartbreak), college, finding a first job, buying a home and starting a family. According to the band’s bio on Spotify, the new album “captures the angst, energy, and hope of a generation maturing in unprecedented times.” Yet, the album isn’t merely a recording of Naccarelli’s songs (and life)—each of the band members had a creative role in the output of the album.

“The one song that really substantially changed is Carving our Conversation. That song changed the most dramatically from what Sean originally planned for it. It became such an organic production between the four of us.”

Communication is especially important for the band, since each of the men have full-time jobs. Copeland, who is a pilot for Delta Airlines, points to “deliberate, open communication” as the key for making it work. Making time for recording and gigs is “the trickiest part,”said Naccarelli.

Yet, in the year since regrouping, The Brilliant Minds have managed to perform at several local venues and festivals, and release their debut album, Never Too Late To Stop, which is available for purchase at Needle & Bean and Vinyl Remains.

The songs on the new album have “meanings and themes that are universal,” said Naccarelli. “I hope that other people can get some meaning from it too.”

The Brilliant Minds, catching up after a gig.