@ the library


SURPRISE! Unlike much of the previous year’s surprises, these are pretty nice. The Mt. Lebanon Public Library is putting together multimedia surprise bags for adult patrons.

The bags are grouped into a number of themes, and you can personalize them by filling out a form on the library’s website.

Choose from any of the following themes:

Armchair Travel Adventures Travel the world from the warm glow of your lamp and your most comfortable reading chair. Each bag will focus on one delightful and enchanting destination.

Food for Thought A perfect match for foodies.

A Hygge Hug Hygge is a Danish word that translates to “cozy as all heck.” This bag is all about evoking a sense of coziness and  inspiration for warm thoughts and living.

Zen in a Bag Think one long Ommm in a bag. All items will focus on finding peace and centeredness.

History Lesson in a Bag History will be treated broadly in these bags. Many topics  will be featured, from ancient Egypt to beer. Probably more, but we stopped at beer.

Blooms in a Bag Themed by types of gardens or gardening.  Bring some sunshine into the winter months by exploring some of these beautiful items.


CHILI COOKBOOK Brews for a Chili Night, one of the library’s wildly popular fundraisers, will of course not be held this January, but you can relive some of the fun and create some of the great chili and cornbread through A Chili (and Some Cornbread) Cookbook. More than three dozen chili and cornbread recipes, including vegan, for just $10. Buy it online, or contact jacksonm@einetwork.net, or 412-531-1912 ext. 214 to get your copy.