The Way Back

Two men standing in front of a police car, police men and women, and fire men and woman, who are also standing in front of a fire truck.

When Mt. Lebanon’s municipal building was completed in 1930, it housed the police and fire departments. Discussions about the need for a separate public safety facility date back to 1969, when Mt. Lebanon’s comprehensive plan recommended building a public safety center. That recommendation was reinforced with another study in 1979. When David Rowlands, Mt. Lebanon’s municipal manager from 1949 to 1952, visited the municipal building in 1998, he said “We had outgrown the building back when I was manager. I can’t believe you’re still here.”  In 2001, the Commission approved a $6,775,000 bond issue for the construction of the new building at 555 Washington Road. Fire and police moved into the building in August, 2003, and celebrated with a grand opening on September 13. Police chief Tom Ogden, left, and fire chief Steve Darcangelo were prime movers for the project.