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People in line at a farmers market buying assorted vegetables

MARKET SEASON is in full swing. Wednesday, June 5, marks the opening of the Lions Club farmers market, from 4 to 7 p.m., at the Mt. Lebanon United Lutheran Church, 975 Washington Road, and the Mt. Lebanon Uptown Market, Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon, kicked off last month. Both markets continue weekly through the end of October.

cares lined up in the road at a stop sign with construction equipment to the side and an arrow telling people to move over because the road is blocked

ROAD WORK Mt. Lebanon will be spending $2.4 million on road reconstruction and $479,350 on resurfacing streets this summer.

The public works department works with Gateway Engineering to evaluate the condition of all Mt. Lebanon streets, using a computer software program, Pavementview Plus, to prioritize projects.

Pavementview Plus incorporates several factors into the evaluation process, including the amount of traffic the street carries; type of surface—brick, asphalt or concrete; date of last repair or reconstruction; and type and extent of street damage.

Affected residents have been notified. On days when you can’t use your street or driveway, you will be permitted to park during the day and overnight on adjoining streets. The municipality will notify the police department for you.

Emergency fire, police and medical rescue service will continue as usual, as will garbage pickup and mail delivery. If your street is closed and you need to pick up or drop off a person with a disability or a medical condition, talk with the contractor’s foreman to facilitate the pickup.

If you have an irrigation system or an invisible dog fence, let the contractor’s foreman know prior to the start of construction. These systems are not marked on the surface and may be accidentally removed.

If you are planning to move or are expecting a large delivery during the process, notify the municipal engineer at (412) 409-2398 as soon as possible. Contractors will try to accommodate your plans, but you may need to modify your schedule.

View the current schedule at

Streets slated for reconstruction:

Birch Avenue from Sunset Drive to Scott Road

Fernwood Avenue from Parkside Avenue to the dead end

Firwood Drive from Larchdale Avenue to 1145 Firwood

Helen Drive from Banksville Road to the Dollar General driveway

Mapleton Avenue from Bower Hill Road to Rae Avenue

Meridian Drive from Haverhill Road to Country Club Drive

Oregon Trail from Connor Road to the municipal line

Rawley Drive from Firwood Drive to Lakewood Drive

Also included in this year’s reconstruction budget is a reconfiguration of the intersection of Cedar Boulevard and Salem Drive.

Streets slated for resurfacing:

Cedar Boulevard from Morgan Drive to Mayfair Drive and from Baywood Avenue to Washington Road

Florida Avenue from Cedar Boulevard to 666 Florida

North Meadowcroft Avenue from Morrison Drive to Dixon Avenue

Illinois Avenue from Mississippi Avenue to the end of the street

Mississippi Avenue from the municipal line to the end of the street

Shady Drive East from Washington Road to 615 Shady

Magnolia Place to Savannah Avenue

FIRST FRIDAY LINEUP From 7 to 10 p.m., on the first Friday in June, July and August, Washington Road hosts a street party, with music at Clearview Common, vendors, information tables from local groups and a visit from Sparky the Fire Dog. Bands for this year’s concerts:.

June 7: King’s Ransom Classic and modern rock, from Jimi Hendrix to Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen to Stevie Wonder, Bon Jovi to Collective Soul, and many one-hit wonders from each era.

July 5: Penna Players  Jazz and swing music

August 2 Fungus Grateful Dead-inspired jam band