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Mt. Lebanon Commission will hold two public hearings on the manager’s recommended budget, before voting on it Tuesday, December 11. /Photo: George Mendel

BUDGET TALKS Mt. Lebanon staff and commission have been working on next year’s budget since July, and it’s just about ready for adoption. The preliminary manager’s budget will be available for review on November 1. You can read paper copies at the Mt. Lebanon Public Library and at the customer service center in the Mt. Lebanon Municipal building during business hours, 8:30 to 5 and online at

The Mt. Lebanon Commission will hold budget workshops at 9 a.m., Saturday, November 10; 6 p.m., Monday, November 19, and 6 p.m., Monday, December 3, in Room C of the municipal building. There will be a public hearing at the Tuesday, November 13, commission meeting and the commission will vote on whether to approve the budget at the Tuesday, December 11, meeting. Department heads work with the finance department to shape their lists of needs and wants for the upcoming year.

Once all of the items are compiled into a list of service levels, the municipal manager ranks each one in order of importance, and funds as many as can be afforded with the municipality’s available revenue. If you cannot attend any of the meetings but have a comment you would like to make, you can email the commission at


NEW MYLEBO Connecting with Mt. Lebanon local government just got easier. After months of fine-tuning by the IT department based on staff and residents’ requests, a new version of MyLebo has launched at Just click on the green and white MyLebo icon on the homepage.

If you already have a MyLebo account, you know the routine. The only thing you’ll need to do next time you log in is change your password by selecting “forgot password”—and it can be the same one you’ve used before. If you haven’t used MyLebo, now’s the time to get acquainted.

The updated MyLebo portal—“The virtual gateway to your community”—streamlines online communications, providing a one-stop shop for: permit applications (building, fencing, mechanical parking); service requests (report a downed tree, street light that needs replacing, etc.), and submitting forms (general comments, refuse concerns, overnight parking requests, lien letter and tax certification forms).

MyLebo is also where you sign up for non-emergency LeboAlerts categories you’re interested in. You can receive message by
email or text and change your preferences as you wish. One big improvement: The staff now can send alerts in multiple categories, but residents will receive only one single alert, no matter how many categories they subscribe to.

Another change you may notice: text alerts will now come from a 412 number as opposed to “No Reply,” as the new system sends alerts through a service that chooses from a pool of 412 numbers.

MyLebo can be updated easily, so the portal will evolve based on staff and residents’ needs. If you have a suggestion, let us know using the “general comment” form on the site.


DON’T BE FOOLED It is rare for a utility company worker to show up without an appointment. Do not let a utility worker inside without proper identification. If you have concerns about the person you are dealing with, call 911.