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Warren Elfrank is the manager of Pittsburgh Popcorn’s newest location, at 696 Washington Road. /Photo: George Mendel

Pop STARS The Pittsburgh Popcorn Company, which originally opened in the Strip District in 2008, has now expanded to nine locations—with the latest one opening in Uptown. The storefront opened at 696 Washington Road in the former Dinardo’s Candy spot. Store hours are 11:30 to 7 p.m. daily, subject to change.

The Pittsburgh Popcorn Company is known for its gourmet and experimental recipes, which change weekly. The corn is harvested in Lancaster County, popped fresh every day and tossed in various drizzlings, dustings and coatings to achieve each unique flavor. So far, in addition to standard flavors like kettle corn, Wisconsin cheddar and buttered popcorn, special flavors have included creations such as zesty ranch and chocolate pretzel corn.

Prices range from $3.75 for a small bag to more than $30 for multi-gallon tins designed for gifts, catering and special occasions.


DIAGONAL MOVE Sesame Inn is vacating the spot on Washington Road that it’s held for 33 years, but don’t worry. It’s only moving across the street and down the block a little, to 704 Washington Road, most recently the location of the pop-up boutique Starry Blues. Opening date for the new location is expected to be sometime in September.


How to stay cool without warming the planet

• Install rain barrels to collect rain water to use in watering garden plants.

• Purchase reusable water splash balls in lieu of disposable water balloons.

• Don’t dump out your baby pool water after one use. Use it for gardening.

• Purchase a water filter to store in your refrigerator to enjoy cold and clean water.

• On mild weather days, open your windows to take advantage of the breeze and turn off your AC.